Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A New "Couch"

Dave has been longing for a new couch lately. His current residence has only a futon, which we all know is not a couch at all. 

So you can imagine how excited Dave was today when he thought he saw a new couch had replaced the old futon. He immediately hopped onto it to perform the traditional inaugural nap, but he was disturbed by what he found when his paws met the "couch." It was not a new couch at all, but merely the same old futon with a new cover. 

As disappointed as Dave was, he was glad to have a change in scenery, however slight. He also is a fan of the new pillows. Though he deemed it no longer appropriate to perform the traditional inaugural nap - that is reserved for new couches or beds, not merely updated ones - Dave decided to celebrate the occasion by adopting his famed "Jabba the Dave" pose. 

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