Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dave's encounter with an ice cream truck

Dave is a cat of simple pleasures. He likes to have plentiful food available, likes to receive headrubs, and most of all, just wants to be able to take a nap without being disturbed. He remembers his days as an alley cat, when it wasn't so easy to nap as freely as he does now. That's why he takes napping so seriously. 

Below, you can see Dave's reaction to an approaching ice cream truck. As you can see, he was quite alarmed. And who can blame him? There was no way of knowing whether the ice cream truck was a legitimate business, or something more sinister. Dave doesn't like to talk about his experiences growing up on the mean streets of Iowa, so we can never really know what he has seen ice cream trucks do. But by the look of those eyes, it was nothing good...

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