Friday, May 30, 2014

True Creativity

Not every napping tactic Dave comes up with is based on a natural land formation or a mode of transportation, although most of his strategies are. Dave knows that there is much brilliance in the world, and that is why he imitates things like Plateaus, Crevasses, and Driftwood, but he also knows that true creativity is about imagining completely new ways of doing things. Sure, his methods of applying what he sees in the natural and man-made world are, in many ways, revolutionary, but Dave's truly epic greatness as a napper emerges when he creates something entirely new. Here is one such occasion.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dave Asks, Volume IV

Dave has thought of yet another conundrum that he would like help answering.

Let's say you are out on the town, and you want to buy some tacos. You go to a taco restaurant nearby, and you decide that you want two tacos. Each taco costs $4. You have only $5 in cash with you, and the restaurant only accepts credit cards for purchases over $10. That means you cannot possibly buy exactly two tacos. What do you do in this scenario? Do you buy one taco with your $5 bill, or buy three tacos with your credit card?

The answer is three tacos.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Guest Appearance: LeiLei, Volume II

LeiLei generally leans toward tidiness, but even she adopts some more Dave-like antics at times. Especially in the warmer months, you might find LeiLei in a position like this. Perhaps if she got to spend time with Dave, LeiLei could learn other great napping strategies, but she is clearly doing alright on her own.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dave Asks, Volume III

Dave has become curious about another topic, so he has insisted on asking you about it. You can see the inquisitive, thoughtful look on Dave's face here. He is really thinking hard. He has even adopted a simple position, a rarity for Dave, so that he can focus all of his thoughts on this question.

"If you had to live in a country with a name that starts with the letter 'M,' which would it be?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Dave has a level of persistence unmatched by most other cats. Really the only other worldly thing that can compete with Dave's persistence is the Java updater. Day after day, the goal is the same.

It is Dave's remarkable persistence that allows him to develop great napping techniques such as this one. It's not always easy, but Dave can work through times of frustration, because he knows his goal is comfort, and he won't stop until he achieves it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dave's upcoming trip

Ever since Dave's cat carrier was removed from the closet about a month ago, Dave has been planning a trip to Davos, his favorite skiing destination.
Dave is a very astute traveler, and he knows that sometimes it can be difficult for a cat to travel. He always makes sure to get his affairs in order before embarking on a new trip. He is very thorough.
Dave also knows that it can be cheaper to bring his own food while traveling, instead of dining out for every meal. He also has heard that Switzerland can be very expensive, and there are no Safeways in Switzerland either. So Dave has been trying to get some food to pack in his suitcase.
Dave isn't sure when his trip will begin, but his travel box has been out of the closet for quite a while now, so it can't be long. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

RocketDave, Volume IX

As you can see here, Dave has a bit of a one-track mind lately. After spending the bulk of his Wednesday daydreaming about rocketing through the atmosphere to a far-off destination, he did the same thing today! Perhaps he was again dreaming about Davos, a place renowned not only for its world-class skiing, but also for its periodic economics forums. Dave is an intellectual after all, a real renaissance cat whose interests go far beyond creative napping. He would feel quite at home sipping a beverage while discussing the great economic issues of the day with other wise intellectuals.

In fact it's cold as hell! And there's no one there to raise them, if you did!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

RocketDave, Volume VIII

In yet another installment of what may be Dave's favorite napping position, RocketDave is ready for liftoff. Dave was most certainly dreaming about traveling to some far off location, such as his favorite winter sports destination. He sure does enjoy seeing new places, but he appreciates the journey just as much as the destination. He can imagine himself rocketing through the clouds, past skyscrapers, and through canyons. It would be a great time.

Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Guest Appearance: Goldie, Volume IV

Now Goldie is just showing off his flexibility. Dave can try, but he just can't compete on the same level as Goldie when it comes to flexibility. Dave's relative inferiority in this area probably has a something to do with Dave's love of food

Although Goldie clearly excels at this, there is still a lot he could learn from Dave. Dave doesn't care that much about flexibility anyway, preferring to focus instead on creative napping.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ever Alert

As you can see in the photograph below, Dave has been keen to avoid being surprised lately. Fortunately for Dave, he hasn't faced any true threats, but that doesn't mean he is complacent. He knows he must keep vigilant, but he can't keep his eyes looking in all directions. Dave's most vulnerable direction is to his rear, something that he resolves by sitting immediately in front of a barrier most of the time. (That is why you rarely see Dave napping in the middle of a room. Never sit with your back to the door, Dave says.) After his rear, his most vulnerable direction is directly above him. But after being surprised too many times from this direction, Dave knows to be wary of threats from above.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Crevasse, Volume V: Dave saw his opening and he took it

Sometimes Dave has to create napping opportunities out of thin air, and that is why it can be such an exhausting, but rewarding, profession. Other times, Dave has a great napping opportunity laid out for him on a silver platter (figuratively.) Here, you can witness one of those times. Dave spotted the two pillows positioned in such a way as to provide a perfect opportunity for the rare horizontal Crevasse technique. Usually Dave has to orient himself in parallel to his two bordering rock face-equivalents, but here he could be perpendicular. It is variety like this that keeps Dave excited for each new day of napping. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guest Appearance: The Fluff, Volume III

The Fluff does not devote nearly as much time to nonsense as some of his colleagues do, but that doesn't mean his life is completely devoid of goofy behavior. He is certainly not against mewling loudly at 4am for no particular reason, or rolling around in the dirt outside, or trying to eat grass, or, as you can see here, crawling under a blanket that is meant for a person rather than a cat. 

Fluffy is well-rounded like that. He takes life seriously, but not too seriously.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Dave Asks, Volume II

Dave has another question for you.

"If I offered to pay you $1 million per year* to live in Eudora, Arkansas**, how long would you do it?" You would be allowed 15 vacation days per year.

*Note: This question had to be translated from Dave to English. The original version of this question offered 1 metric ton of canned tun and one fridge full of ice cream cones per year.

**Note #2: Dave does not have anything against Eudora, Arkansas. In fact, one of his favorite songs (although not his favorite song,) is "They Caught The Devil and Put Him in Jail in Eudora, Arkansas," by Tony Joe White.