Friday, May 16, 2014

Dave's upcoming trip

Ever since Dave's cat carrier was removed from the closet about a month ago, Dave has been planning a trip to Davos, his favorite skiing destination.
Dave is a very astute traveler, and he knows that sometimes it can be difficult for a cat to travel. He always makes sure to get his affairs in order before embarking on a new trip. He is very thorough.
Dave also knows that it can be cheaper to bring his own food while traveling, instead of dining out for every meal. He also has heard that Switzerland can be very expensive, and there are no Safeways in Switzerland either. So Dave has been trying to get some food to pack in his suitcase.
Dave isn't sure when his trip will begin, but his travel box has been out of the closet for quite a while now, so it can't be long. 

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