Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dave the rascal, Volume II

Dave can be a rascal sometimes. In the photograph below, you can see Dave messing the rug all up in the bedroom, while Jack sits nearby and judges. Who knows what Dave was going for here. He could have been wearing his detective hat and investigating something. Maybe he thought he saw something under the rug. Maybe he was looking all over for something pertinent to an investigation. But in reality, it is a fool's errand to subscribe any real motive for Dave in these situations. He is just a huge goofball sometimes. 

It's understandable though. Dave spent his youth growing up on his own on the mean streets of Iowa. With that came hardship, but also FREEDOM. Dave has better access to food and soft napping spots now, but he doesn't have as many things to do. That can lead to situations like you see below.

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