Friday, December 13, 2013

Dave the rascal

The Dafe can really be a rascal sometimes. He recently learned that despite his great girth, he can easily leap onto the kitchen counter. This has expanded Dave's horizons. It really opened a whole new world of exploration opportunities for Dave within his home. While he hasn't been able to explore the counter in peace yet, he will undoubtedly persist. As every Dave observer knows, Dave's main priority at all times is developing new napping techniques or locations. It seems clear that Dave's recent forays onto the counter are part of his search for new locations. Most cats wouldn't anticipate finding any good napping opportunities on a kitchen counter, but Dave takes the broad approach. He never assumes that he won't find something new, because Dave has been around long enough to know he might find a gem anywhere. An experienced veteran like Dave knows to explore every possibility. 

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