Monday, December 2, 2013

Dave's Thanksgiving

Dave hopes you had a good Thanksgiving. He had visitors over the weekend, but still spent most of his time eating and napping in positions like this one. Dave is a pretty big cat, but he is also quick and, as you can see, flexible. He doesn't often employ his flexibility as seen here, but once in a while he drops something like this on his observers just to remind them of his athleticism. 

Thanksgiving is certainly one of Dave's favorite holidays, even though he is a cat and isn't impacted much by holidays at all. In fact, Dave mostly had the apartment to himself over the weekend. However, Dave still thinks Thanksgiving is a pretty sweet holiday. Food being one of his top daily priorities, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Dave enjoys a day dedicated to eating a lot of food. Dave is a straight-shooter that way. He notices that most every holiday involves eating a lot of food, but they are ostensibly not celebrated for the food itself. To him, it seems that Thanksgiving is all about the food, and this pleases Dave.

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