Monday, December 30, 2013

The Conch Crevasse

Dave doesn't let anything hold him back. His creativity knows no bounds. Dave's creative process has allowed him to develop countless napping techniques and strategies, ranging from The Crevasse to The Plateau to The Conch and beyond. While these techniques each represent singularly impressive and courageous approaches to napping, another part of Dave's legend is his willingness to combine techniques. It doesn't always work, but, as any connoisseur knows, true greatness requires taking chances. True greatness is evident in both the result and the process. That's why it is such an amazing experience to watch Dave create. Pictured below, Dave has combined two of his favorite techniques, The Crevasse and The Conch, to develop a new napping technique wholly different from its two progenitors. This combination Conch Crevasse really brings the whole package. Comfort, warmth, and comfort. Greatness.

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