Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friction between roommates

For the most part, Dave and Jack get along well, but on occasion, there is friction in their relationship. The usual source of friction is disagreement over napping locations. There are plentiful available locations around their home, but sometimes they both just really want to use one particular location. In the scene pictured here, Jack had been calmly hanging out on the chair, only to be disrupted by The Dafe attempting to usurp Jack's position. It was sort of a rude move by Dave, but Jack has also been seen kicking Dave off the chair in the recent past. Dave, as we know, has extremely flexible napping abilities, and is usually amenable to giving up his spot for Jack. Other times, however, Dave is in NO MOOD, and he wants the spot he wants. The scene here is one of those times. You can see that Dave has sat himself all up in Jack's personal space, and you can see Jack's eyes saying, "WHY. Why must I deal with this?" 

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