Sunday, January 19, 2014


Dave is indubitably the most prolific napper in the residence, but even so, he doesn't have a monopoly on creative napping. Due to his great girth, Dave is unable to accomplish some things that more slender cats are able to accomplish. For example, the Jack-In-The-Box position is one that Jack employs frequently. The cat tree in Dave and Jack's living room includes a box. It is a nice, dark, and cool space for a nap, and the box is the perfect size for Jack. In fact, it is the perfect size for almost all cats. Dave just happens to be in the 99th percentile of cat size, so he does not fit in the box. Dave would surely enjoy sleeping in this box, but he can't have everything he wants. 

Plus, it is good for Jack that he has at least one place where he can retreat from the nonsense that Dave often creates.

Just poking his head out. 

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