Friday, January 10, 2014

The Valley

This is another in a long line of Dave's outdoors-themed napping strategies, The Valley. It makes for a very small valley, but if you look at how the two pillows are oriented, they make a perfect valley for Dave to nap in. He looks like a giant cat the size of a mountain, but that isn't far from reality anyway. This isn't the kind of position that Dave can employ at any time he chooses, like RocketDave or The Conch. Rather, it is dependent on opportunity.  If he sees an opportunity, he will seize it, but it is unfortunately rare that Dave is presented with such an opportunity. The terrain has to be ready for him to adopt this pose, much like it must be for The Crevasse. He can't just force it any time he wants. That's where patience becomes a useful trait for an artist like Dave. All the great artists in history have had patience. Da Vinci, Picasso, Monet, McCartney, Schwarzennegger, Rodman, Dave. What do these artists all have in common? Patience.

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