Saturday, January 11, 2014


Patience is one of Dave's greatest virtues. This has been discussed in the past. You would be mistaken, however, to confuse patience with laziness or a lack of ambition. Sometimes, Dave can't think of any good way to nap, although these times are certainly rare. Even the best artists have off days, when they might try for hours but still be unable to think of anything creative. This might even go on for days! In Dave's case, you could call this 'napper's block.' On days like this, Dave spends much more time than usual looking out the window, as pictured below. Dave has pursuits other than napping, after all, and he is content to pursue those when he has napper's block. Hoping all the time, of course, that inspiration will strike, and he'll find a new and glorious way to nap. And when inspiration does strike? Dave is always ready for it.


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