Thursday, April 3, 2014

Like Clockwork

Dave is a creature of habit. There are certain things he does every day. For example, whenever food is being prepared in Dave's home, he visits the kitchen. If you start making some macaroni and cheese, or lasagna, or tomato soup, or what have you, Dave will come visit you. Sometimes he will make noises at you. Sometimes he will just stare at you. He doesn't ever get food out of these visits, but Dave loves food so much that he wants to be around it even when it's not for him. Plus, there's always a chance that this could be the time that he gets to eat it. 

Of course, as we well know, Dave has no compunction about jumping onto the kitchen counter when the opportunity arises. He knows he's not supposed to be up there, though, so he doesn't do it when others are there to see him. 

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