Monday, September 15, 2014

CSI: Dave, Volume XVI - Dave's Investigative Process

Dave is now ready to show you the denouement of his investigation. You have seen the introductory phase, and you have seen the initial proceedings of Dave's investigation after he senses a disturbance. Now it is time for the finale. 

You can see that Dave has now completely reversed his original direction! What agility! What a humble investigator to admit his mistake and adjust so well and so quickly! Dave will surely locate the disturbance now.

And finally, you can see Dave has laid his eyes upon the disturbance. It was merely a small stuffed animal. What a relief this was for Dave.

But Dave does not regret putting all of this effort into an investigation that yielded only a harmless toy. His belief is that many false alarms are preferable to one real disturbance going unnoticed.

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