Monday, February 10, 2014

Driftwood Dave

Sometimes Dave contorts his body into some weird positions, positions you wouldn't expect a cat like Dave to adopt. You see, despite Dave's girth, he has maintained his flexibility. Like most cats, he can point his different limbs every which way. Sometimes this makes Dave resemble a piece of driftwood.

Dave would enjoy a life as a piece of driftwood. You might think that weird for a cat, but those who understand Dave should not be surprised. Being a piece of driftwood would combine Dave's love of the outdoors with his love for modes of transportation. Best of both worlds. 


  1. Hi there! Cute cat! My cat Tinkerbell also wishes she was a piece of driftwood, shes a tabby, and I'm pretty sure she could pass as a piece of driftwood!
    I'm a new blogger, and really have no idea what I'm doing haha. Your the only other cat/animal blogger I've found so far!! Obviously we're a rare breed!

    1. Dave is glad to hear that he has another fan! Dave hopes that you will share some of his napping strategies with Tinkerbell. He doesn't just do this for himself. He does it for all mankind, and catkind. If Tinkerbell can learn some new comfortable way to nap from Dave, then he will be very pleased.