Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Urinal Strategy

Dave and Jack have different views of personal space. You can see some of things Jack has had to deal with herehere, and especially here. Dave just doesn't seem to care about his proximity to other cats. Jack, on the other hand, values his space, and would prefer that Dave not invade it. That is why Jack believes that the strategy men apply to urinal use on a daily basis should be applied to naps as well. 

What is the urinal strategy Jack refers to?  Ladies might not have experienced this as much as dudes, but it is quite simple. Here is how it works. Upon arriving at a wall of urinals, a person shall evaluate which urinals are available for use. He shall then use the urinal furthest away from any other urinals in use. No one shall use a urinal directly next to a urinal in use until all other options have been exhausted. If two gentlemen are using urinals on a wall containing 8 urinals, the ideal scenario is for the gentlemen to use urinals 1 and 8. A third gentleman could then arrive and use urinal 4 or 5. It would be completely unacceptable for the third gentleman to use urinal 2 or 7 when there are so many more appropriate options for him. This doesn't mean it is prohibited to use every urinal on the wall. If 8 gentlemen arrived simultaneously, they should certainly use all 8 urinals. Doing anything else would be childish. But until it is necessary, gentlemen should space themselves out wherever possible. 

Now, how does this apply to napping? Jack thinks cats should select napping locations that are as far away as possible to other cats' napping locations. He thinks the ideal scenario looks something like this:

Dave, while he doesn't actively seek to nap on top of Jack, doesn't particularly avoid doing so either. If he believes he has an opportunity for a great nap, he will seize it regardless of how close he will be to Jack:

That is what you need to know about the urinal strategy and how it relates to naps.

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